True Crime: New York City
The game itself is very wonderful, in the NYC (police) concept.
I actually got stuck for a while, but now I've continued playing the game.

- Well thought, good build-up

- Just what fits in the NYC concept

Free Roam:
- Good freeroam way: Cars, Bikes, Crimes - all you could want from a game that actually is like GTA in overall, looking over the fact that You aren't a police officer in GTA series.

Weapons, Machinery:
- I've always wanted to drive a cruiser, that NYC has cop cars Map:
- The map is huge, just what a good freeroam game needs

- The map, a area to drive on is wonderful, that's what a good freeroam needs.

I like the thing that I can drive EVERYWHERE, backstreets, Middle of central park - Where ever. Most of other games don't have such feature...

Shortly after Grand Theft Auto III set the gaming world ablaze in 2001, one of the first games to attempt to emulate that game's gritty style and open-ended gameplay was True Crime: Streets of LA. The game left a lot of room for improvement, but it at least laid a foundation that could be built upon in future installments in the series. Somehow, though, with the follow-up, True Crime: New York City, the series has taken a huge step backward. Even if you forgive the flimsy story, cliché characters, and derivative gameplay.

You play as Marcus Reed, a young gangster-turned-cop who is out to clean up the streets of New York City with his own brand of off-the-books justice. Reed is the newest member of the Organized Crime Division in the New York Police Department, and he's eager to make a name for himself by taking down the biggest crime syndicates in the city. There are four major cases to solve, and each one involves taking down the same kind of stereotypical thugs and mob bosses you've seen in countless cop movies. Each case is broken down into several smaller missions that follow the same basic pattern. You get a tip about a bad guy, locate that bad guy, waste all his henchmen, and then interrogate him until he tells you about yet another bad guy that you have to bust. You then head off to do the same thing all over again in a slightly different location. The missions are extremely easy, and it doesn't take too long to complete each one. Since there are only four cases, you can easily beat the story part of the game in just a few hours.

If for some reason you feel like spending more time with this game, there are some side missions to keep you busy. You can meet up with informants who give you tips on various crimes going down around the city or who ask you to do a bit of dirty work for them. These missions are pretty quick and easy, but completing them is a good way to make a little extra cash. There's a madam who sends you on errands to take care of her girls, a cabbie who needs an extra driver from time to time, and more. Aside from the informant missions, you can join an illegal street racing circuit or put your fists to work in an underground fighting tournament. As you cruise around the city, police dispatch will inform you of random crimes that are happening in your vicinity. If you want to, you can go arrest or kill the perps. If that's too much work, you can simply walk up to anyone on the street and frisk the person for contraband. Sometimes you'll find things like gun parts, stolen license plates, obscene photos, or drug paraphernalia. When you collar a criminal, you earn career points, and you can turn in collected evidence to the precinct or sell it to a pawn shop for cash.

Career points are rewarded every time you solve a crime. Once you have enough career points, you'll be promoted within the police department. There are five ranks to achieve, and at each rank you can earn a couple of new driving or shooting skills. If you play by the rules, you'll earn good-cop points. If you use unnecessary force and terrorize the public, you'll earn bad-cop points. These good-cop and bad-cop points don't have much effect on the game unless you reach the extreme on the bad-cop side of the scale, which will cost you a rank within the department.

The basic gameplay mechanics are pretty simple in True Crime: New York City. You can run around, climb on obstacles, shoot enemies, commandeer and drive cars, trucks, and motorcycles, and use a few different styles of melee combat. The default PC controls are just about unusable, so you'll definitely want to map the controls to an analog gamepad.

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  1. hi friend, i just download all part and when i click on setup file it get all setup. but when all file completed this setup folder does not shut down and some thing information display in color if i close this window and click on game icon it does not start and i doesn't understand this language plz help me i already spend may time because my internet's speed very slow so please help me my email id is

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